KGet is a versatile and user-friendly download manager in Linux.

Features of KGet

  • Downloading files from FTP and HTTP(S) sources, including pages and individual hyperlinks.
  • Pausing and resuming of downloading files, as well as the ability to restart a download.
  • Tells lots of information about current and pending downloads.
  • Embedding into system tray.
  • Metalink support which contain multiple URLs for downloads, along with checksums and other information.

Unfortunately, KGet only supports integration with Konqueror. So I decided to build an integrator for KGet for Chrome/Chromium.

This project is based on uget-chrome-wrapper .


Download and install KGet if don’t have it installed already.

For Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install kget

For ArchLinux

sudo pacman -S kget

Or you can simply download it from Store if available

Clone the repo and change directory

git clone
cd kget-integrator

Run the installation Script


Now Open Chrome/Chromium, Extenstion and enable Developer mode

Then Drag and Drop extension.crx file to Chrome/Chromium.

Finally restart your browser.

Enjoy downloading with KGet on Chrome/Chromium


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


GNU General Public License v3